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The so-called General Body Meeting called up by Dr. Aiah Ndomaina in the name of Kono Conference is unauthorised and beyond the scope of his mandate. Any meeting of the Kono Conference must be authorised by the Secretariat and publicised by the Secretary of the Kono Conference Secretariat, Mrs. Elizabeth Nganga Tondoneh, as agreed on by the Kono Conference Secretariat. It is indeed unprecedented for an outgoing Kono Conference Chairman, who has already served his term, to unilaterally schedule a meeting without proper permission of this august body. This sly act is not only an unethical, and an unprofessional move on the part of Dr. Ndomaina, but could also be seen as ultra vires.

At the 2017 Kono Conference in USA, four committees were formed and ratified by the Conference. Its minutes were recorded by the then Kono Conference Secretary; Mr. A.Fanday. The indicated committees below were mandated to oversea the affairs of the 2018 Kono Conference that is to be held in Kono District. The Chairs of the respective committees are as follows:

Mr. A.Y.Sodengbe - Secretariat
Mr. A. Fanday - Outreach & Fundraising
Mr. A.Tondoneh - Projects Committee
Dr. K. Ngegba - Peace & Reconciliation Committee

I have spoken to the above leaders of these committees and they have confirmed to me that they are not privy to Dr Ndomaina’s called up meeting in any way or form.

It must be noted that the Primary aim of the Kono Conference is to engage all stakeholders of Kono District in our quest to move the district to higher heights. This project will remain apolitical, focused and will not be distracted by ill devised diversions. Any divisive and unprofessional conduct will not be tolerated!

All enquiries relating to the Kono Conference operations must be directed to the Secretary of the Kono Conference Secretariat for thorough redress. Our website can be accessed freely via

Mr. Aiah Yornie Sodengbe. Chairman, Kono Conference Secretariat 2018. Email: Mobile: +44790 494 2268

3rd Annual Kono Conference 2018
Kono District (December 17th - 22nd)

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BREAKING NEWS (8-01-2017)

View the newly published 1st Kono Conference in London 2016 Report

Kono Conference 2017 USA - Promotional Songs

Please listen and enjoy the Kono Conference 2017 USA Promotional Songs:

PRESS RELEASE (7-26-2017)

Announcing The Second Annual Kono Conference in Washington DC, 7am to 6pm, August 3-4, 2017

Nominations Now Closed
For Kono Conference Awards 2017

The Kono Conference secretariat is no longer accepting nominations for the 2017 Kono Conference Awards.

Successful nominees will be contacted and awards will be presented at the 2017 Kono Conference Awards in Washington DC USA.

Kono Union Ball (Friday, August 4th, 2017)

Have you bought your tickets to the exclusive Kono Union Inaugural Ball? Reserve your seat now to network and socialize with old friends, family and dignitaries from Kono as well as the Sierra Leone community and friends of Sierra Leone from the DC, Maryland and Virginia area.